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1.Stay in Touch with College Classmates

You should not think of your college graduation as the end of an era but rather as the beginning of a new relationship with your alma mater. When you stay in touch with other college alumni you will find that your alma mater can be a beneficial and valuable resource. After all, why should your college experience end once you've graduated?

Being able to stay in touch with college friends is not always easy once you've graduated. Given the frantic pace of life, especially with rising careers and family obligations, it is easy to lose touch with old college classmates and friends. Getting involved with your alumni association can help you reconnect with past friends and reestablish connections with your college classmates, which can be a refreshing reminder of your college lifestyle. Reunions are also a joyful way of reconnecting and reliving fond memories of your college days.

Subscribe to alumni publications. You can get up-to-date, timely and relevant information on what your college classmates are doing, including career advancements, family life, change in address, or any other special news they might have to share about what is happening on and off campus. Alumni publications can also provide you with details on upcoming reunions, events and news from the board of directors.

To help facilitate communication with college classmates and your alma mater, make sure to update your personal and professional details with your alumni association and inform them if you move so they can change your contact information. Keep the alumni association informed of your achievements so they can be updated in alumni newsletters and publications. Ask your college classmates to join and participate.

Staying in touch with college classmates and alumni can be advantageous for a variety of reasons, like when you are trying to kick start your career, looking to change jobs or advance professionally, or want to access information on a particular industry that you do not have contacts for. Maintaining relationships with classmates and alumni lets you access a deep pool of resources and talent. Fellow alumni also provide you with a solid base of networking opportunities, giving you an even bigger incentive to stay connected.

2.Plan Your High School Class Reunion

From organizing venues, caterers, and live bands to making sure those ex-cheerleaders, chess club geeks, team captains, and everybody else turns up at the event, planning a high school class reunion is without a doubt an extremely challenging task. However, with access to the right information, organizing a reunion can be a relatively enjoyable process.

A high school class reunion needs an efficient and energetic team of organizers willing to take the responsibility of pulling together a stellar class reunion. In most cases, it is the high school alumni association that appoints a formal committee for the high school reunion. In addition to a president, secretary, and treasurer, consider including hospitality, invitation, and entertainment department heads to take care of each individual aspect of the event.

When charting out your budget, take into consideration every imaginable expense that the event can incur. Figure out the cover charges that each attendee needs to pay and the amount that you can raise from sponsors, the high school alumni association, and individual contributors. Once a figure has been finalized, allocate resources intelligently to each department and task.

Location is important. Search for a reunion venue that is convenient to the majority of class members. Look around for available deals at clubs, banquet halls, hotels, and resorts. To add a touch of nostalgia to the ambience, consider having your high school reunion at one of the favorite class hangouts from your old school days.

Once a date has been decided, start publicizing the reunion so that all attendees have sufficient time to earmark their calendars and chart out their travel plans. Social networking websites are a great resource to get the buzz going. Send out physical and electronic invitations to all class alumni listed in the yearbook and plan on confirming their participation via mail, phone or email.

3.Find Old High School Yearbooks Online

Nostalgia for the past is a common feeling as one gets older—not simply for music, movies or ideals—but for those memorable days of youth when the world was in your hands, when pinky swears and spit shakes were taken as a sacred vow, and when you were sure that the friends you hung out with would be your best friends forever.

Well, as with most things in life, time went by and reality intruded. As you grew older you likely lost touch with some of the people you grew up with, but nostalgia can strike at any time. And one of the best ways to unearth those memories of simpler times is by browsing through your old high school yearbooks.

Finding your school yearbooks from your old high school can be a taxing process. Yearbooks get lost or can be damaged over time. If this has happened to you, don't worry because your high school yearbooks can still be found.

Nowadays, almost every high school maintains an online presence, which makes getting in touch with your old school a breeze. Search for your school online and browse through the results to find your old high school. Often you can purchase a hard copy of your high school yearbook on your school's website or by contacting the alumni association. Many high schools offer digital or PDF versions of yearbooks, both current and old. This is a great option if you are more interested in yearbook pictures and not in obtaining an actual hard copy of your yearbook.

If copies of your old high school yearbook are not available directly from the school, try social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Register or log-in and find an alumni page for your school. Scroll through the pictures posted and check if someone has uploaded a scanned copy of your yearbook or make a request for one.

Another option is to check used book websites or auction websites to find old yearbooks that are for sale. Don't worry too much about the condition of the yearbook, they are often sold quickly. It is also a good idea to search websites that regularly sell old high school yearbooks. The yearbooks sold on these websites can be hard copies or digital and often come at good prices.